Here at Akhrass Dental Implant & Cosmetic Center, we strive to deliver painless & stress-free appointments, there are always instances in which your past experiences have affected your current dental situations. For this reason, we offer comfortable sedation dentistry to reduce your fears, so that you can obtain the healthy mouth and smile that you desire in two different methods.

Oral Sedation

In general, swallowing pills is a normal habit of most Americans. This is why in dentistry, the Oral Sedation method involves the patient swallowing 1-2 tablets of a sedative medication in order to accomplish a safe and comfortable level of sedation to complete the required procedure.

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IV Sedation

IV Sedation is widely used during dental treatment to relieve anxiety. Most people who receive IV sedation dentistry, fall asleep, and have little to no memory of their dental treatment when they awake. IV sedation offers a safe and immediate onset of sedation for your dental procedure. IV sedation is also an excellent addition to further the effects of oral sedation.

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